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Outdoor Wood Boilers

We’ve been able be supply and help ones in the local area save on their heating costs each year.

For decades, we’ve been a dealer for different outdoor wood stove manufacturers.

We are local dealers for the brand Portage & Main. Manufactured in Canada since 1973. Portage and Main is recognized as the most efficient wood boilers on the market. Please call us to set up an appointment to come take a look!

We also offer financing for these units! 

If interested in seeing if you would be a candidate for financing, feel free to check out our credit application.

We also endorse Polar G-Class models. Feel free to visit their official websites to the right,  for additional information.

We also stock and sell boiler chemical, pumps, coils , and parts for many different brands.

Benefits of Outdoor Wood Boilers

Cost savings: Outdoor wood boilers can help you save money on heating costs. They use wood as fuel, which is generally less expensive than other heating fuels like propane or natural gas. Additionally, wood is often locally available, reducing transportation costs.

Increased efficiency: Outdoor wood boilers can be more efficient than indoor wood stoves or fireplaces. They typically have larger fireboxes and better insulation, which means they can burn wood more completely and generate more heat from the same amount of wood.

Reduced indoor air pollution: Burning wood indoors can release harmful pollutants into the air, such as carbon monoxide and particulate matter. With an outdoor wood boiler, these pollutants are released outside, reducing the risk of indoor air pollution.

Versatility: Outdoor wood boilers can be used to heat a variety of buildings, such as homes, garages, workshops, and barns. They can also be used to heat swimming pools and hot tubs.

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